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Chief Service Designer, Co-Founder, International Service Design Institute

Steven J. Slater

M.S. Johns Hopkins, M.A. American University, B.A. Syracuse University, I.B. International School of Geneva, Switz.

Steven has decades experience developing and improving Lines of Service across multiple sectors. Responsible for $2B+ in traceable revenue from service development.

He has worked with a number of top Fortune-500 companies in telecom, oil & gas, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), IT, human capital, financial services, and other service-based industries.  Additionally, he has extensive experience launching services in the public sector and non-profit sector.

Positions (Highlights): Booz Allen & Hamilton chief of staff, systems; International Affairs, Deputy Chief of Staff, Air Force; Jewish Federation Executive (responsible for conceiving and launching  largest national online fundraising portal.) Award-winning national daily reporter. 

Published Books


Service Design Connections

The Master

A Service Designer’s Handbook Vol. III

Acquire the knowledge to be a service design master, or simply challenge yourself. The Master is a collection of proven tools for achieving high-performing, quality services. Topics include prototyping services, measuring user experiences, diagnosing services, and service recovery.


– Loved reading your book. It’s  a gem. If I were to summarize it down to an emoji – 😊.

Kalyana Sundaram, Innovation Lead at Extentia Information Technology

Other Books

The Apprentice – A Service Designer’s Handbook, Vol. I

The Apprentice is a primer to spur new service designers into the field and encourage organizations to adopt service design techniques. The course originated as a way to address questions from those looking at service design for the first time. and also for leaders looking to understand how service design could benefit their organization.

The Journeyman – A Service Designer’s Handbook, Vol. II

The Journeyman explains common service design techniques, including popular models and tools–including a User Influence Model, Journey Maps, Service Blueprints and Touchpoints.

Be Relevant! How Brands Rise to the Top (non-profit ed.)

In an age when it is increasing difficult to grow membership and earn non-dues revenue, organizations are turning to service design to be relevant! Be Relevant! offers executives of non-profits a new, bold perspect on solving some of their most pressing problems. 

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