Service Design Approach

  • An Emerging Practice For Designing and Improving Services
  • User-Centric Approch
  • Established Methods, Models and Tools

Service Design Methods, Models and Tools

Service Concept Service Evaluation
Personas JourneyMaps
Demand Models Service Blueprint
Touchpoints Prototyping

Service Design Explained

  • An Emerging Practice for Designing and Improving Services
  • User-Centered Approach
  • Established Methods, Models and Tools


Spirit Airlines-Hated and Profitable!

Passengers on Spirit Airlines file more complaints with the U.S. government than any other airline. Yet by all financial measures, Spirit is the winner in a competitive industry using personas to target ideal customers.

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Over two decades Steven J. Slater has built and improved programs and services across private and public sectors, and for non-profits. Steven has an MBA with a concentration in Marketing Sciences from Johns Hopkins University; an M.A. in Journalism and Public Affairs from American University; and a B.A. in International Relations and Communications from Syracuse University. Steven was an early International Baccalaureate graduate from the International School of Geneva, Switzerland, where he grew up

Be Relevant

A Practical Guide to Service Design (Non-Profit Edition)

Book Description

In an age when it is increasingly difficult to identify, reach,and communicate with desired audiences – including millennials – organizations are turning to Service Design

. . . to be and remain relevant.


“Very impressive work! Well written and researched, with a nice conversational tone that is too often lacking in business books. Great analogies. Easy to follow. Well done!”